Marina Martin is a business efficiency consultant, former CEO of business efficiency consulting firm The Type-A Way, and author of "Business Efficiency for Dummies." She is currently a Senior Advisor to US CTO Todd Park, after serving as the first Entrepreneur-in-Residence at the US Department of Education.

Described by US CTO Todd Park as one of "the baddest of the badass innovators," Marina is a change management specialist with a particular savvy for helping low-tech businesses adopt new technologies to save time/money and increase productivity. On any given day you can find Marina in Washington DC, Seattle, or San Francisco.

Find me online:

Can I interview you?

Since I'm currently a federal government employee, all requests have to be routed through official channels before I can talk to you. Please email me and I will connect you. (I do not respond to "wink wink, nudge nudge" emails requesting off-the-record interviews.)

Who inspires you?

My list is quite eclectic, but then, that's me. I've always had a deep respect for Adam Carolla, for instead of succumbing to his lackluster childhood and blaming his parents for a crappy life, he worked his ass off for decades and literally built an empire without ever selling out. Huge fan.

Then there are my two favorite economists, Russell Roberts and Mike Munger, for bringing such thoughtful and consistent energy to perspectives that are too-often overlooked.

Reginald and Catherine Hamlin gave up their lives to found a fistula clinic in Ethiopia. Whenever I got grumpy being away from my nieces and nephews for six months to work in an air-conditioned office in DC, I reminded myself that this couple gave up far more, for far longer, under incredibly difficult conditions. Even though her husband passed away, Catherine continues to work in Africa to this day.

How can I become an efficiency consultant?

Being an efficiency consultant means being able to constantly solve unexpected new problems and challenges. If you have to ask how to be one, you probably shouldn't be one. No degree or certification can match real-world experience in this area.

july 25, 2013
Creating Innovation in Government
Next Generation of Government conference in Washington, DC

june 19, 2013
CENDI Data Jam in Washington, DC

may 15, 2013
Digital Government Strategy and Mobile APIs
2013 FOSE Conference in Washington, DC

may 8, 2013
Open Data Policy Memo and APIs
DC API Meetup in Washington, DC

april 22, 2013
Opportunities with Open Data and Education
First-Ever Regional Datapalooza in Raleigh, NC

april 9-10, 2013
DQC's Changing the Ground Game: Focus on People to Improve Data Use at the Local Level in Washington, DC

april 5, 2013
Small Data and Personal Learning Portfolios
2013 NCES State Data Conference in Washington, DC

mar 21, 2013
Government Big Data: What's Next? Panel
Govloop Webinar

mar 6, 2013
The Education Data Initiative
Government Big Data Symposium in Alexandria, VA

feb 22, 2013
"How APIs Can Unlock Educational Data and Enhance Student Learning"
API Strategy Conference in New York, NY

Participating in a panel discussion moderated by Audrey Watters of Inside Higher Ed.

jan 15, 2013
National Perspective Conversation
SIF Annual Conference in Washington, DC

Gave updates on the US Department of Education's activities, alongside Jack Buckley and Ross Santy.

nov 28, 2012
"Breaking Down State Data Silos"
Data Quality Campaign in Washington, DC

oct 19-21, 2012
Startup Weekend EDU
Seattle, WA

oct 16, 2012
"USED Initiatives in Big Education Data"
EIMACS Conference in Washington, DC

oct 9, 2012
"The MyData Initiative"
Education Datapalooza at The White House

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oct 5, 2012
White House Innovation Swing Tour
Various Locations in Cincinnati, OH

oct 4, 2012
White House Innovation Swing Tour
Various Locations in Louisville, KY

oct 3, 2012
White House Innovation Swing Tour
Various Locations in Raleigh, NC

sept 21-23, 2012
Learning Registry Hackathon
Dominion Enterprises in Norfolk, VA

aug 23, 2012
"People to Watch: Marina Martin"
AOL Government

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aug 23, 2012
"White House Launches Presidential Innovation Fellows Program"

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june 15, 2012
"CIOs Play a Big Role in Technology Startups"
Public CIO Magazine

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dec 5, 2011
"The Pen Is Mightier Than The Phone: A Case For Writing Things Out"
Fast Company

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aug 2009
"Screen Team"
Air Tran Magazine

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july 7, 2009
"How to Manage Information Overload"
Startpad Countdown Series in Seattle, WA
Baking Kale Chips
Change Management
Ruby on Rails
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  • Work Phone (OSTP): 202.456.6075
  • Work Email (Dept of ED): mmartin@ostp.eop.gov
  • Personal Email: me -at- marinamartin -dot- com